Sunday, August 16, 2009

We also want to go to UK!

Its all out in the open now. Robert Mugabes government has now classically disclosed the bone of their contention with respect to the so called sanctions imposed on them. Essentially, the sanctions are an elaborate travel ban. Last week, a spokeperson for Mugabe`s party finally said it all. According to him, all they are asking for is to be allowed to visit the UK, to send their children there for school, and to allow their their wives to shop at Harrods! This Africa my brother!

What happened to Mugabe bringing the best education ever? Why would the liberators want to send their children to the imperialist land? What happened to Zimbabwe being the land of milk and honey, and Mugabe and his cronies never wanting to be there because its cold? What happened to "...keep your England, and I will keep my Zimbabwe?" What happened? Whats happening?

So after all these years of unleashing untold suffering on us the poor and innocent citizens, its all about your shopping trips, your children`s education at Oxford, your wifes monthly shopping at Harrods!

How disgraceful can we sink? Please stop this nonsense, please take care of our fathers, mothers, sisters and cousins who are suffering. We need a government, by the people and for the people. We do not need self serving pervets who masquarade as revolutionaries. NO!


  1. I feel the anger!
    The true always comes out.
    These chaps are nothing more than a self-serving, shameless bunch, throwing tantrums, crying out to be let loose to live as kings at the expense of Joe Soap.
    I say for a hundred years, keep them away from their evil hearts' desires!

  2. So in the end it all boils down to shopping at Harrods? Oh Africa....when will we stop having completely shameless leaders?

  3. @NFA, he was not drunk. It has now come out that it is the position taken by the Zanu-PF Politburo, which is the Supreme Decision Making Body under Mugabes Soviet Styled Party. So, yes they are very serious, which makes it all the worst!

  4. @Posekyere, I feel the anger too. I think the most painfull thing is the success with which Mugabe has woodwinked evrybody else into believing that whatever he is doing, he is doing it for the people of Zimbabwe.

  5. @Abena, I have a friend at my workplace who thinks our politicians are the most embarrasing lot of mankind. I know politicians abuse power and office, but does it have to be so glaring?