Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama Scandal brewing in Kenya

I find it odd that Clinton arrived in Kenya this week after the recent explosion of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate throughout the media. It was said that Clinton was going there to talk about corruption scandals, which happened in 2007. It was also said that she was going to see Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who is now the Prime Minister. Odinga is Obama’s cousin, who is dogmatically claiming that Obama was born in Kenya. It has also been claimed that Odinga is the agent responsible for helping Obama cover up the birth certificate scandal within the Kenyan government.

Sec. of State Hillary Clinton was where the buck stops in the birth certificate fiasco. It is her underlings that are responsible for clarifying Obama’s citizenship, making this story interesting. Call me paranoid or conspiratorial, but I think this is a coincidence worth noting.

By Geoff Linsley.


  1. I have not followed the story completely but may be Odinga want some attention. You see...they are all the same. I would read your links. Thanks for this post, my dear pal.

  2. Hi but do you believe those nonsense? Are you very sure that America with all its technological capacity and past and present racist attributes would have allowed Obama to file for nominations as a Democratic presidential candidate if all these primary background checks have not been made? The Birthers and Truthers are out there to get Obama just because he represents the black race...he is the light that shows us the path to freedom to self renewal. I personally don't go for such nonsense a mortal pastor, who can be bribed adn who is fallible to all human weaknesses, have said or is saying. It makes no sense to me. Obama would win again in four years to come and America would be better off than it was before he came to power.

  3. The Big 0 is not only a long-groomed (Hence the planted news posts, identity theft, etc.) CHICOM Economic Manchurian Candidate, and, secondly, knowingly or unknowingly counter-run by the CIA since at least 1977.
    Just look at what The Big 0 has done to REVITALIZE the grass roots!
    How would I know? I'm one myself.

  4. NFA, you may have a very sound point there. Think of it, a black person cheating himself into whitehouse. Thats as possible as squeezing a camel through a needle`s hole.