Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama the celebrity?

Have you noticed how Obama still speaks like he is on a campaign trail, like he is at a rally? Dont you just feel that he is more of a celebrity than a President? Has the reality of him being President really sunk in? Am I the only one?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Its embarassing to be Southern African!

I dont condone Rajoelina. I dont like coups! But Rajoelina didn't kill anyone and got into power on a wave of popular support. That cannot be said for Zimbabwe. It is a section of the population that wanted him to do what he did. He did not kill hundreds, black out the media, throw out observers and diplomats, deploy the army, police, war vets, youths etc. It may not be right, but it is the people that got him there. Of all people, SADC wants to slap sanctions on Madagascar! Give me a break! Wont these sanctions hurt the innocent Malagasy? This is the rhetoric of SADC when it comes to Zimbabwe sanctions, that they are hurting innocent people. So the islanders of Madagascar are not innocent people. Since you know it all, why not appoint the tried and tested Mbeki to mediate. Maybe Ravalomama can sign another funny agreement and share power. Shame on you SADC! Why do you always have to be againts the people? Zimbabweans were prostituted by this regional bloc. It is embarassing to be Southern African!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Will Mugabes Friends Please Stand Up!

This week, the new finance Minister of the Inclusive government in Zimbabwe revised the country's budget. It doesnt look good. The revision is coming barely two months after the budget was presented by one Patrick Chinamasa, a failed lawyer, but staunch Mugabe loyalist who has dominated most of Mugabes cabinets since 1985. His highlight, being floored by Roy Bennet in parliament after calling his ancestors thieves and murderers.

Having hoped that the international community (I have asked before what this animal is!) would fall over each other to bail out crumbling Zimbabwe after forming the unity government, the coffers remain dry. This March, the government is unable to pay all civil servants. Diplomatic missions have learnt other means of survival wherever they are, their pay has been erratic since 2002. We now know why Mugabe bit his toungue and formed the unity government. We also now know why his heart skipped a beat when Morgan Tsvangirai escaped death by a whisker in the fateful accident that claimed his wife. Mugabe and his goons and goofs have bled Zimbabwe dry. As at january, there was no more money left in the coffers, that is why they scuttled to settle with Morgan. He is their ace.

Mugabe has reduced the once mighty Zimbabwean economy to a basket case. Now we are told, 88% of revenue collection is coming from beer and cigarrets imports. "We are now implementing the basic law of hunting economics," the new minister of Finance declared. "What we gather is what we eat." I can inderstand him. A country of 12 million people is expecting only 1billion for the whole year. For all his thundering and masquarades, Mugabe has reduced Zimbabwe to a "Hunting and Gathering Society." You will need to go back to your history books to see how many centuries this man has single handedly wound back the clock for Zimbabweans.

He is now asking for "his" friends to please come forward and bail him out. We wait to see how many admirers he has, now that push has come to shove.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Imagine being holed up in the Presidential Palace and having to shout at the top of your voice "Im still President!" Imagine having a few supporters surrounding you, pledging to die with you. Imagine knowing that the opposition has taken over most of the country and they are coming for you. Imagine what they would do, when they break down the door. Imagine the first words you will mutter, to try and restrain them. Restrain them from killing you, their loving President.

I should wake up from this dream. This is Madagascar! It is not Zimbabwe I am talking about.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The World's Greates Thief!

You could be one of the people hoping to hang Bernard Madoff - history's greatest thief. Never before has one thief stirred up this much hate. He ran an exclusive investment firm for a select few. His enticement was a steady and un-fluctuating return. One had to invest through large financial institutions in order to invest in his fund, or at least have connections to certain financial personalities, who, in effect, served as Madoff's middlemen. Madoff's scam was in essence nothing more than a simple pyramid scheme. His fund never turned any profit, but when customers asked for their money he would simply transfer money from one account to the other. His business depended on a fund-raising operation, which continued to pump in money in order to cover over the missing profits. When the financial crisis erupted, his panic-stricken clients tried to withdraw their investment, even though they didn't appear to be losing money in Madoff's fund. There wasn't enough money to cover such a sizable withdrawal and, finally, Madoff was caught. He confessed to having embezzled over $50 billion.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Petitions, Forwards, E-mail Nuisance

Forwarded messages, petitions requiring you to sign and forward etc. Sometimes you get some gorry messages that even threaten you like, if you dont forward this within 3 days, or to a minimum of 15 of your friends, then its bad luck for the next 30 years.

Yuck! Stop the madness. Send me what you really have to. I might not subscribe to your charitable idea. If you have advice for me, put it in your own words. if its a bible message, quote the verses yourself.


Monday, March 9, 2009

My Lord, why have you forsaken Mugabe? Again?

The gods are not unsmiling at Mugabe. His bad faith is coming back to haunt him. I do not envy him. I cannot imagine how it feels to ever wish your enemy life. I am willing to bet my last dollar that his heart skipped a beat on Friday when Morgan narrowly survived the car accident. His wife was not so lucky. Why does fate desert Mugabe like this? Just when the man thought he had wormed his way out of international sensure by forming a makeshift power sharing government, Susan Tsvangirai’s death throws him back into the limelight. And when Mugabe hits the limelight, it is never good on his part. He somehow manages well a propensity to shoot himself in the foot.

But who is to blame? Mugabe waltzes around Harare in a blazing motorcade of not less that 20 vehicles. Talk about courage, the man is scared to wits. He has not less than six motorbike outriders who clear the way a good five or more minutes before he whoozes past. Then there is not less than six police Mercedes benzes. And then there is not less than eight unmarked vehicles. Then his amazing bullet proof merc, full house, complete with enough armour plate to resist a small bomb, sweetly sandwiched by two other mercs on each side, all the time. Then there are two army trucks, laden with about twenty soldiers armed to the teeth. Then an ambulance. This man can cheat death! Hooray! And thats not all. If he has to go further out from the glitter of Harare, he doesn’t bother with negotiating potholes. He flies in a state of the art copter. Even in the air, he is always flanked by two air force helicopters that make up a neat helicade of three. I am sure barack Obama and Goddy Bee envy him. Above all, they are the ones whom Osama is more interested in. Mugabe is merely scared of himself.

So why did Morgan have to be alone? Why was Morgan not given police protection, so that he does not have to endure the double risk of negotiating potholes and dodging trucks? Couldn’t Mugabe have peeled off just two police escorts from his unnecessary motorcade and given them to the new PM? I have said it before; Mugabe has a tendency of shooting himself in the foot. In his mind, Morgan is nothing. He does not deserve security. He has to be humiliated. Poor old Robert, so why were you nearly in tears at Morgan’s bed on Friday? Oh and the not so witty and fast deteriorating Grace who vowed that Morgan would never taste power was also there. I don’t envy the Mugabes. They have to wish their mortal enemy well, because if they don’t, their empire will crumble like a deck of cards.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Strange South Africans!

South Africans are strange. They consistently declared Mugabe a “perfect man” since his blood dripping electioneering began in 2000. They attached a strange meaning to the words “free and fair.” They strangely stood against the whole world when it cried “wolf!” They famously asked "what crises?"

They did not tell the world, that they were receiving thousands of refugees from this perfect country every day. They forgot to mention that they had opened refugee camps in Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg, and Musina. Musina is right at the border with Zimbabwe. It would be strange if non-Zimbabweans were meant for this camp.

They marvelled at Mugabe’s terror tactics through a strange method they coined “quiet diplomacy.” They became a judge in the tragic drama called “rigging in Zimbabwe.” The drama culminated in a sloppy agreement. Mugabe smuggled paragraphs into this agreement. At SADC meetings in Pretoria Mugabe became a judge in his own case. They foistered the whole agreement on poor Morgan Tsvangirai. Mugabe smuggled more ministers into the resultant cabinet.

As if this is not enough, they now want to shut down the refugee camps and send the poor Zimbabweans back. Could somebody tell them that Mugabe has not changed, that the agreement needs time to consummate, that people are still being abducted, that hunger still stock the land, cholera, inflation, useless money, no jobs, no schools, no medication...endless list.

These strange South Africans. And they lack the decency to at least be honest. Zimbabwe is burning! Do you want to burn the people too? Do you not realise for once that you are responsible on the larger part for sustaining the despotic regime of Mugabe?

Freaky Pakistan

A dozen plus two, young potentially valuable minds, brainwashed to perform the unthinkable. Im no fanatic, of a sport that takes the whole day, for days. Yet I share the gritty grief, sorrow. Saddened by the implication rather than the event.

So that is the motive. We should quake in our boots, when the name Pakistan crops up. We should have horrendous images of death, of blood, of bullets, of pain. So that we should never invest our minds, our money, our energy, to the good of what is Pakistan.

Hush, hush boys. We belong here too. What makes you think your ideologies are righter than the rest. Was Blazing Bush the panacea to world politic then? Terrorism hurts. Hurts the child, the mother, the poor, the old. And guess what, when right thinking minds put it together, it's gonna hurt You the most.

Stop it now!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Be very Afraid!

They had 400 years to loot the whole world.

There are 3 factors of production;
1. Labour
2. Resources (Raw Material)
3. Capital.

They had 400 years in which labour and resources they got for free. They accumulated money in the process. They enslaved for labour. They colonised for resources. They accumulated so much that they became very powerful. They began to make dictates. They structured and formed the IMF, World Bank etc. They gave you rules if you wanted their money.

They also gave each other this money, albeit without rules. They gave each other loads of it. They took risks, calculated risks. Then some began to make silly risks. They invested in ventures with no returns. They lost huge chunks of this money.

All the 400 years of accumulated wealth, gone with the wind. They are broke. They cannot buy off each other, and convesely cannot sell to each other. Workers lose jobs, companies close.

But their ancestors did not tell them something. They did not tell them that this money was acquired by slavery and colonialism. It had to be sustained by similar means. A few decades into equality, the rich find themselves with no money.

You should be afraid. Be very afraid. If they could raze three countries to the ground because of losing three buildings and a plane, be afraid. Be very afraid.