Saturday, February 28, 2009

Unrequited Love

I see you. And gosh, I miss you.

I remember the last kiss, your lips, your hips, the smell of your breath, your skin, your touch. I miss the softness of your touch, your hips, you lips, your thighs...

You sound busy, distracted, far, unreachable. Wicked thoughts, of you, of us, of our time, our future, turning against me. He can never give what I can, teach what I know, show what I see.

I remember the last kiss, your lips, your hips, the smell of your breath, your skin, your touch. I miss the softness of your thighs, inside...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Of Bingu wa Muluzi

Welcome to Malawi.

You will find Ex President Muluzi jailed by incumbent Bingu. No shocks, the man siphoned 11 million big "In God We Trust" bucks into his private accounts when he was head of state! Lock him up and chew the key. Someone please tell Bashir to relax. ICJ is too slow at this rate. We are disciplining our own rogue children the African way.

No champagne bottles yet! Just a little matter. Muluzi has a dozen supporters or so. Probably inconvenient to say, but yeah, he is supposed to square off in a presidential election roughly 3 months from today? Yes, with Bingu. Please be quick with your questions. Yes, the two are not strangers. Yes it is Muluzi who picked Bingu to succeed him as president. So what? Its an African thingy! Bush could well have picked anyone, who cares?

Question: What is common between
1. Corruption,
2. Presidential elections and
3. Arrests of aspirants?

Answer: Jacob Zuma.

The "Shower Power" boy was the first to have all three at once. Nothing spectacular about Muluzi here. He is, in fact lucky. If he had squared off against Mugabe, he would have had his head bashed against a hard cold wall. Ask his newly acquired Shrek alike Prime Minister.

Do the crime, do the time, period! Wait. Ex Gratia aspirant Kuffour is already in Malawi. Not alone. Ex Mozambique head Chissano is with him. The Comrades want to ensure the supporters of Ex President Muluzi do not clash with those of Bingu. A clique of ex's. By the way what have you boys said about Ex Gratia for Ex President Kuffour? 6 cars aint much. Mugabe has three helicopters on top of everything. Zimbabweans are ready to give him all and more if he decides to hang the whip...oops sorry the boots. I digress.

So what is wrong then? Ex Presidents should not be arrested for crimes committed during tenure? Gaddaffi, Museveni, Mugabe: YES!

Sorry guys. Certainly not!

Why wait till election time though? Naughty Bingu! Remember what goes around comes around.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did I not ask?

I think I did. I asked if the MDC thought it could successfully bed Mugabe, didnt I? You would have heard by now, that whilst we were all slumbering, the geriatric clandestinely appointed Permanent Secretaries from his party. I hate the GNU. But I had hoped it would be the beginning of a process to heal dear Zimbabwe.

The pipe addicted Mbeki must now solve this. He is the guarantour of the agreement. I hope this umpteenth time he learns that Zanu is not to be trusted.

I have to say what I feel. Zimbabwe is mine too...

Your Freedom.

I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was driving to work with a colleague last week, when he raised the not so talked about subject of sex. He thinks it is overrated. And I concur. I remember in high school, when we used to boast of our sexual prowess. Every man considers himself a bull, full of machismo, with a motto never to let the woman down. Women chide us, complain that 60% of men never make them reach the promised land. There are issues of size, there are issues of skill.

I was watching the comedy "Girlfriends" when it was said, "...Women! You make us expend so much energy trying to get you into bed. No wonder we have nothing to offer when we get you there..." And dont forget nuns, pledging never to do it. And they survive. Is sex overrated then?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The 100 Dollar Country

They came.
They half conquered.
They have not seen yet.

They claim to have tamed Mugabe.
Tame Mugabe, I ask?
They have not seen yet.

They came.
They promised.
They have not seen anything yet.

They promised the dollar.
They have delivered 100.
Have they seen?

They came.
They are here.
But they have not seen yet.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who is the international community?

I get to hear a lot of people talking about this community. Who are they? Is it the neighbouring countries, is it Europe, is it America, or Europe and America? Is it the G7, Paris Club, WTO?
I hear people talking about international community formulating a strategy. Who are they? What strategy? How? Who? Where? Why even?
You are who you are. Help yourself. No one will lose sleep over your predicament. Get up. Stand up! Fight! No one will do it for you. No one. You are who you are. You carry your own problems. On your own.
Get up! Stand up! Fight!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Amazing World.

Hugo Chavez gets the nod to rule for life. Robert Mugabe forms inclusive government. Obama gets nod on his rescue plan.

Lets do it again. Hugo Chavez rapes Venezuela to get the right to rule for life. Ask yourself, Do you need a lifetime to achieve education for all? Do you need a lifetime to upgrade a peoples standard of living? Only in Venezuela. Or is it in Hugos mind?

Do you feel like the world sometimes treats Robert Mugabe unfairly? Maybe we give the guy too much attention, too much scrutiny. I DONT! Here is a guy who pulls the wool over everyone and jumps to bed with his greatest enemy to make political love. Out of the political love they made, an inclusive government was conceived. SADC is the the condom that burst. The next morning Robert Mugabe predictably digs very deep into his dead archives and revives dead horses to become ministers.

What does SADC think it is doing? Take this quote..."Can you imagine if Mr Barack Obama the election winner was then told that the loser Mr John McCain will be President and a new office of the Prime Minister would be created for Mr Obama?" Pronto! I will leave you to imagine that, and you will know exactly what has just happened in Zimbabwe.

Speaking of Obama. It is my hope, really, that this new celebrity styled world president will live up to the promised standard. Lets face it, this guy needs double the effort, double the brains, lest American suddenly wake up from their slumber to discover that their loath for Bush forced them to commit a cardinal sin against themselves.

Its an amazing world, isn't it?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who could I be?

They say when I was born the wind was howling. They also say it was at night. They told me I was born in a very poor neighbourhood. They also insist that I immediately fell sick. My grandmother used to take pride in how much she had to spend sleepless nights, feeding me small bits of traditional herbs, mixed with short powerful prayers. Most do not believe that I made it.

I wonder if I was your regular guy in school. I did not kick the rough African home made soccer ball. I ate too little. I loved solitude. But I cherished girls. I was not on top of my class, but I could see that my peers respected me intellectually.

I have not measured my ego. I love the different societies that I live in. Above all I am a mere Global Citizen. I love what my eyes see, the good and the bad. Because I love what I see, I like to make it known. I am not sure if I am a good orator, some say I convince.

I am not certain whether you will be able to discern what sort of person I am. I am also trying to discover myself.

But I just know one thing, I have a BIG PEN.

Dont cross it!