Sunday, August 9, 2009

Has America come a full circle?

I found the caption below, which hit the headlines on Thursday last week very revealing of what the US policy is. Here is Mrs Clinton:"It is long past time for Eritrea to cease and desist its support of al-Shabab and to start being a productive rather than a destabilising neighbour. We are making it very clear that their actions are unacceptable. We intend to take action if they do not cease."She added: "There is also no doubt that al-Shabab wants to obtain control of Somalia to use it as a base from which to influence and even infiltrate surrounding countries and launch attacks against countries far and near."Mrs Clinton said if al-Shabab obtained a haven in Somalia "it would be a threat to the United States". And America would act if this continued!

The US policy does not change, whether there is a black, pink, blue or white boy at White House.


  1. hehehehehehe....glad for your post. See? they are willing to attack because it 'would be a threat to the United States'. Get it? That's why we shouldn't always listen to these chaps and their dangling appendages, the West.

  2. Sooooo true. The Americans have always missed the real cause of conflicts and fanaticism all over the world.

  3. NFA, you know I agree partially and generally disagree with your view that we should do away completely with the West. We need them, and we can use them, so why not?

    However, Mrs Clintons sentiments, or is it warning, only underscores my earlier view on previous posts that each country must know what its interests and priorities are, and then defend them. Sadly, here in Africa we think blasting the West whilst butchering our own in the backyard for individualistic interests is the way to go. Hell NO!

  4. NYA, some commentators have mildly said the US seems to have forgotten its ill fated Rambo style escapade in Somalia.