Thursday, August 6, 2009

How far would you go?

In all discussions with fellow Zimbabweans we always come to a deadlock when the question of how far we are prepared to defend our principles we can go. For starters, President Mugabe has made it clear that he has once fought for Zimbabwe and is therefore ready to die for the "gains" he obtained in his fight. It is because of this fight that he feels ordained to rule to his last breath. On the other hand, we the younger generations always have so much to lose, our jobs, our houses, our cars, our girlfriends, comforts etc.

In South Africa, and indeed across over parts of Africa, I have come across people who have branded us as cowards, people who cannot unshackle themselves from the bondages of an old tyrant. To make it worse, about 5 million able bodied Zimbabweans have fled to other countries. Can you imagine how much difference 5 million people would have made in the last election, or in protest marches, or in anything. So much strength, so many numbers, all gone to waste.

Will you die for an ideal which you believe in? The boers in South Arica ruled for about 4 centuries because they declared that it is better to die fighting for an ideal which you believe in than live without it. The same courageous words have been used by icons such as Mandela and abused by tyrants such as Mugabe.

Will you die for your country?


  1. i tell no lie, death scares me but under certain circumstances i will die for my motherland.

  2. hahahaha get your point. I would not comment on this. Definitely not!

  3. NFA, I hear you, you need not say a word.

  4. KFC, I think thats the spirit, but ensure you die for the right cause. many died to free Africa, many of them are probably turing in their graves at what has become of their sacrifice.