Thursday, August 27, 2009


A 24 year old Harare (Zimbabwe) housemaid strangled her newly born baby to death using a plastic bag.Renisah gave birth to a baby boy around midnight on August 16 in a toilet while the rest of the household was asleep. After delivering, she strangled the infant with a plastic bag before wrapping it in a skirt and hiding it under a bed.

The following morning, she dumped the body in a bin outside the house. Renisah has since been arrested and appeared in court. She was convicted on her own plea of guilty to infanticide charges and remanded in custody to August 28 for sentencing.

When asked by the Magistrate why she had committed the offence, Renisah said: "I do not know what had gotten into me." The Prosecutor urged the court to pass a severe and deterrent sentence on Renisah. The Prosecutor said the sentence should reflect the court’s abhorrence to crimes of that nature.


  1. This is pathetic. I just can't fathom the hearts of men and women these days (or may since I became a thinking being). It bothers me a lot. How man can kill his fellow man without mercy. And there are strands of stupidity in this:

    1. Keeping it under the bed
    2. Depositing it on the dump near your home when everybody knew you were pregnant.

    Hope they check her mental status first.

  2. The mind boggles...yes, NFA stupidity reigns in the decisions of this housemaid. But still I pity her. What fear, what malice, what mental state brings about such behaviour? Whatever else it is, it is pitiful because it stripped this girl of her humanity.