Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook Vs Freedom of Speach!

From facebook...

"...Facebook appears to be upping the ante against Twitter with the launch of Facebook Lite, a simplified version of the site, which provides a stream of user updates and looks similar to the microblogging service.

The social network has invited a select group of its users to test the new stripped-down version of the site while it is in beta phase. Some industry pundits believe Facebook is rolling out 'Lite' to compete more closely with Twitter's real-time news and search capabilities.
However, according to technology blog
TechCrunch, the development is more focussed at this stage on providing a simpler version of the site so it will work better in countries where bandwidth is limited and on mobile phones, where downloads are slower than broadband...."

As Africans, the advent of so many sites has created some confusion amongst us. The proliferation of these sites has also seen rogue governments cracking down of those who wish to freely express their opinions. Clearly the advent of internet in Africa has meant that banning newspapers and radio stations perceived to be anti satus quo is progressively becoming less and less relevant.

I have noticed amongst my friends of facebook, the overwhelming urge to vent their anger or express an opinion over some issues dominating our lives.

Question: How long will it take the internet to enhance freedom of speech in Africa?


  1. hasn't it already started? I believe the internet has enhanced our freedom to speak with fear especially on blogging sites...

  2. @ NFA, ver interesting, freedom to speak with fear, I agree with you. I will be especially interested in your comment for the post I have for tomorrow.