Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Strange South Africans!

South Africans are strange. They consistently declared Mugabe a “perfect man” since his blood dripping electioneering began in 2000. They attached a strange meaning to the words “free and fair.” They strangely stood against the whole world when it cried “wolf!” They famously asked "what crises?"

They did not tell the world, that they were receiving thousands of refugees from this perfect country every day. They forgot to mention that they had opened refugee camps in Pretoria, Durban, Johannesburg, and Musina. Musina is right at the border with Zimbabwe. It would be strange if non-Zimbabweans were meant for this camp.

They marvelled at Mugabe’s terror tactics through a strange method they coined “quiet diplomacy.” They became a judge in the tragic drama called “rigging in Zimbabwe.” The drama culminated in a sloppy agreement. Mugabe smuggled paragraphs into this agreement. At SADC meetings in Pretoria Mugabe became a judge in his own case. They foistered the whole agreement on poor Morgan Tsvangirai. Mugabe smuggled more ministers into the resultant cabinet.

As if this is not enough, they now want to shut down the refugee camps and send the poor Zimbabweans back. Could somebody tell them that Mugabe has not changed, that the agreement needs time to consummate, that people are still being abducted, that hunger still stock the land, cholera, inflation, useless money, no jobs, no schools, no medication...endless list.

These strange South Africans. And they lack the decency to at least be honest. Zimbabwe is burning! Do you want to burn the people too? Do you not realise for once that you are responsible on the larger part for sustaining the despotic regime of Mugabe?


  1. Just wait till the monstrous ghosts of this Zimbabwean shame turn around to bite and maul South Africa.

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  3. It bothers me the most that, despite all the wicked antics of Mugabe neither the fomer president, Thabo Mbeki nor Kgalema Mothlanthe have bothered to change their timid "quiet diplomacy" approach in dealing with him.
    I cannot understand why one man has been placed above a whole nation.
    Perhaps now that Al-Bashir os Sudan has been indicted he will be the next to face the music at the ICC.

  4. I have reliable information that the refugee camps will be closed at the weeekend. My prayer is that, South Africa should stop meddling in the Zimbabwean affairs. They have pulled all stops to keep Mugabe in power. It is unfair on the Zimbabweans.

  5. And the camps were closed over the week end.