Monday, March 2, 2009

Be very Afraid!

They had 400 years to loot the whole world.

There are 3 factors of production;
1. Labour
2. Resources (Raw Material)
3. Capital.

They had 400 years in which labour and resources they got for free. They accumulated money in the process. They enslaved for labour. They colonised for resources. They accumulated so much that they became very powerful. They began to make dictates. They structured and formed the IMF, World Bank etc. They gave you rules if you wanted their money.

They also gave each other this money, albeit without rules. They gave each other loads of it. They took risks, calculated risks. Then some began to make silly risks. They invested in ventures with no returns. They lost huge chunks of this money.

All the 400 years of accumulated wealth, gone with the wind. They are broke. They cannot buy off each other, and convesely cannot sell to each other. Workers lose jobs, companies close.

But their ancestors did not tell them something. They did not tell them that this money was acquired by slavery and colonialism. It had to be sustained by similar means. A few decades into equality, the rich find themselves with no money.

You should be afraid. Be very afraid. If they could raze three countries to the ground because of losing three buildings and a plane, be afraid. Be very afraid.

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