Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Imagine being holed up in the Presidential Palace and having to shout at the top of your voice "Im still President!" Imagine having a few supporters surrounding you, pledging to die with you. Imagine knowing that the opposition has taken over most of the country and they are coming for you. Imagine what they would do, when they break down the door. Imagine the first words you will mutter, to try and restrain them. Restrain them from killing you, their loving President.

I should wake up from this dream. This is Madagascar! It is not Zimbabwe I am talking about.


  1. And yet, the acts (or reported acts) of Ravalomanana and Mugabe do not by themselves legitimise Rajoelina and Tsvangirai in any way, in my mind.

  2. Madagascar is trying so impossibly hard to retain the very sad image Africa as a place where the laws of the jungle is supreme.
    How can a person who nobody has voted for, take over a whole nation and call himself president? He is totally out of control.His very age is against the constitution of the land.Where is the parliament?,the judiciary?, the press?
    @ Nana Yaw: Mr. Tsvangirai at least commands some measure of acceptability. Afterall he fought in the elections with Mugabe(which everybody reckons was stolen by the latter). Rajoelina for all intents and purposes is a war lord.
    It is so sad. But heay, life must go on.