Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Freaky Pakistan

A dozen plus two, young potentially valuable minds, brainwashed to perform the unthinkable. Im no fanatic, of a sport that takes the whole day, for days. Yet I share the gritty grief, sorrow. Saddened by the implication rather than the event.

So that is the motive. We should quake in our boots, when the name Pakistan crops up. We should have horrendous images of death, of blood, of bullets, of pain. So that we should never invest our minds, our money, our energy, to the good of what is Pakistan.

Hush, hush boys. We belong here too. What makes you think your ideologies are righter than the rest. Was Blazing Bush the panacea to world politic then? Terrorism hurts. Hurts the child, the mother, the poor, the old. And guess what, when right thinking minds put it together, it's gonna hurt You the most.

Stop it now!

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