Monday, March 23, 2009

Its embarassing to be Southern African!

I dont condone Rajoelina. I dont like coups! But Rajoelina didn't kill anyone and got into power on a wave of popular support. That cannot be said for Zimbabwe. It is a section of the population that wanted him to do what he did. He did not kill hundreds, black out the media, throw out observers and diplomats, deploy the army, police, war vets, youths etc. It may not be right, but it is the people that got him there. Of all people, SADC wants to slap sanctions on Madagascar! Give me a break! Wont these sanctions hurt the innocent Malagasy? This is the rhetoric of SADC when it comes to Zimbabwe sanctions, that they are hurting innocent people. So the islanders of Madagascar are not innocent people. Since you know it all, why not appoint the tried and tested Mbeki to mediate. Maybe Ravalomama can sign another funny agreement and share power. Shame on you SADC! Why do you always have to be againts the people? Zimbabweans were prostituted by this regional bloc. It is embarassing to be Southern African!


  1. Never thought of it that way. But you realise, Pen Powder, how international diplomacy and the mechanics of intergovernmental politics is built inevitably on HYPOCRISY!

  2. i'm no fun of these sanctions that end up being nothing really!

    and no matter how inconsistent our leaders may be in such applications, the people are always at the receiving end!