Monday, March 9, 2009

My Lord, why have you forsaken Mugabe? Again?

The gods are not unsmiling at Mugabe. His bad faith is coming back to haunt him. I do not envy him. I cannot imagine how it feels to ever wish your enemy life. I am willing to bet my last dollar that his heart skipped a beat on Friday when Morgan narrowly survived the car accident. His wife was not so lucky. Why does fate desert Mugabe like this? Just when the man thought he had wormed his way out of international sensure by forming a makeshift power sharing government, Susan Tsvangirai’s death throws him back into the limelight. And when Mugabe hits the limelight, it is never good on his part. He somehow manages well a propensity to shoot himself in the foot.

But who is to blame? Mugabe waltzes around Harare in a blazing motorcade of not less that 20 vehicles. Talk about courage, the man is scared to wits. He has not less than six motorbike outriders who clear the way a good five or more minutes before he whoozes past. Then there is not less than six police Mercedes benzes. And then there is not less than eight unmarked vehicles. Then his amazing bullet proof merc, full house, complete with enough armour plate to resist a small bomb, sweetly sandwiched by two other mercs on each side, all the time. Then there are two army trucks, laden with about twenty soldiers armed to the teeth. Then an ambulance. This man can cheat death! Hooray! And thats not all. If he has to go further out from the glitter of Harare, he doesn’t bother with negotiating potholes. He flies in a state of the art copter. Even in the air, he is always flanked by two air force helicopters that make up a neat helicade of three. I am sure barack Obama and Goddy Bee envy him. Above all, they are the ones whom Osama is more interested in. Mugabe is merely scared of himself.

So why did Morgan have to be alone? Why was Morgan not given police protection, so that he does not have to endure the double risk of negotiating potholes and dodging trucks? Couldn’t Mugabe have peeled off just two police escorts from his unnecessary motorcade and given them to the new PM? I have said it before; Mugabe has a tendency of shooting himself in the foot. In his mind, Morgan is nothing. He does not deserve security. He has to be humiliated. Poor old Robert, so why were you nearly in tears at Morgan’s bed on Friday? Oh and the not so witty and fast deteriorating Grace who vowed that Morgan would never taste power was also there. I don’t envy the Mugabes. They have to wish their mortal enemy well, because if they don’t, their empire will crumble like a deck of cards.

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  1. The last time I checked they called that crocodile tears. Mugabe is full of pretense and deception. I bet everybody in Harare saw through the calculated drama he and his diabolical caricature of a wife put up in the Avenues Clinic.
    May the stench of his dictatorship continue to trouble all decent men and women of the earth until they decide to do throw him from his high horse!