Wednesday, April 22, 2009

World Earth Day 2009

When I was young, we would plant a tree each, on this wretched earth, on a day we called national tree planting day. Nowadays, we only have leaders, who care about the type of cars they drive, how many storeys their mansions have, how many wives they have, how many people they should kill to safeguard their power, how many diamond mines they should allot to their cronies....

In Africa environment is taking the back seat, the earth is crying, the rivers are choking, the seas are black, the animals are dying, children are smarting from industrial smoke, old people are coughing blood...

Today is world earth day! What have you done about it?


  1. I've read your blog, and not littered the streets (as usual!) :)

  2. Pen Powder are you an Environmentalist?
    Our leaders and our people in Africa don't have a clue as to the need to keep the environment. The individual's interest has been placed over and above all other issues.
    The unspoken attitude is: to hell with any thing that wants to stand in my way.
    It may be too late by the time we come around to the reality of our dying world.