Thursday, April 9, 2009

Debunking the Somali Pirates

The Somali pirates have been in overdrive this week. 6 ships in less than 5 days, that is an average of 1.2 ships being taken per day. Yesterday, they nearly met their match, a courageous crew of 20 Americans carrying a cargo of vegetable oil and corn laced with soya destined for Mombasa fought back and regained control of the ship. The pirates however managed to escape with the captain, who we are told is still being held captive as the bargaining chip. By the time I went to bed, news was that an American War ship was heading towards the spot. What an action packed flurry of activity on the high seas, someone please make a movie of all this.

But the news reports are as usual playing games with us. Why isnt somebody telling us why this is happening. Why are these Somali seamen hijacking ships day in day out? Are they insane? The reason is simple, its pay back time! The Somalis claim that these powerful nations have been trawling their shores for a long time that there is no more fish in their part of the sea. And Somalis used to earn their living from fishing. Also, the fact that these big boys ships use their territorial waters has resulted in so much pollution that you can now hardly catch anything off the coast of Somalia. To top it all, the meddling in the internal affairs of Somalia has ensured Somalia has been in a state of destabilization for the last 20 years.

This is not a case of lawlessness, this is as political as it gets. The Somalis are only making a political point, in a manner that is available to them. I am a bit afraid though, now that big bully America has had her children scathed, she may decide to launch an all out offensive against these poor pirates. This could well mean long drawn battles deep into Somalia. Such a move would not only be catastrophic and bizzare, but suicidal as well. Remember big boy America does not have a macho record in Africa, and non other than Somalia dehorned them. Sad developments, but with interesting connotations! Let the games continue.

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  1. But, this is a wonderful write-up, PP. Not only do I admit your frank, blunt style, I also agree with your point of view.