Friday, April 3, 2009

Why do we have double standards?

For the past two days the world media has been abuzz with how Michelle Obama has set the fashion trends at the G20. True to the expectation, she made it a point to show us more than two outfits a day. The whole world was caught in a frenzy and heaped praises on her taste. Designers were even falling over each other to dress her. But that will not happen in Africa. On BBC World News today, angry messages were being hurled at Cameroons first lady because she dresses well. People were apparently disgusted that she is doing an overkill, and some even hated the way she does her hair. 2 first ladies doing exactly the same thing, but getting 2 different reactions.


Isnt there a credit crises in the US and shouldn`t Michelle Obama have been sympathetic to all those Americans who have lost their jobs too? Little food, for a little thought.

Enjoy your week end!


  1. i didn't hear about the Cameroon bit!

    but surely i wondered why all the craze about Michele Obama's fashion. wearing one dress before boarding a plan and before she climbs down the plane she is in another dress!

    just waste of our space! why not donate all those to charity anyway???

    but in comparison though our African leaders (most) have failed their people and stolen money! Michele is using legitimate money! there are surely differences! if the general economic conditions as there is in Cameroon is same as in USA and the west then surely hardly would people praise a first lady for coming out in style.

    i have not seen the Cameroon first lady but i won't be surprised if her dress sense portrays opulence more than just a love for style. Michele's is more of style than opulence anyway (and they are simple dresses with style- i've seen the pictures)!

    so i believe the different environments naturally would set the different reactions! but surely Michele must start learning to show sensitivity!

  2. I agree with you, that African leaders have stolen so much and it would be unacceptable for us to have their lovely wives waltz in glitter whilst the rest of the populace languishes in bliss. I was amazed though at how much media frenzy Michelle generated because of the dresses. I totally agree with you!