Monday, April 20, 2009

Dragging Mandela out of his cocoon...

Yesterday was the last day for campaigning in South Africa. The South Africans go to arguably their most important poll since the new constitutional dispensation in 1994 on Wednesday.

I was not amused at all when Jacob Zuma dragged poor old Mandela from wherever he was resting to a rally in Johannesburg. I respect the old man so much that I felt a lump on my throat seeing through what was happening. Zuma does not need Mandela to help him on anything. The old man must be left out of the shenanigans of these blood thirsty leaders of todays ANC.

Zuma sings about getting his "Machine Gun" each time he is confronted by any of his misdemenours. The new ANC Youth Leader, a school drop out called Malema, was successful in constructing one English sentence when he unashamedly announced that "We are prepared to kill for Zuma" Now for any one mortal soul, to drag Mandela from wherever he was with his private life to be paraded with these blood thirsty hounds, is surely taking our elder African statemen for a ride.

The ANC should not have allowed this to happen, regardless of how desperate it is for Wednesdays vote.


  1. Pen Powder, I felt the same way, and kept wondering what kind of pressure was put on Madiba to let him agree to do this.

  2. Interesting observation but I do not believe for one second that Madiba was coaxed/coerced to appear! I'm sure he was a completely willing participant and was thinking about the cohesion of the party that he has been a part of for most of his life. Besides, Madiba's grandson Mandla is one of the ANC's parliamentary candidates contesting this election so lending support to Jacob Zuma has more personal advantages.

  3. Great perspective, than, Abena. I am able to accept your positive angle totally, and still keep my musings and wonderings! :)

  4. For a man who has resigned from public life, I think he really feels so passionate about the ANC if we go by what Abena is saying. Somehow, I still remain unconvinced that there is or was anything for Mandela to gain by keeping the company he kept last week. Time will tell.