Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mexican Swine Flu Virus Week.

It is spreading. It is like no other. It is caused by swines. Swines! Of all creatures, swines are turning out to be what they really are, swines! How did we get here? Where did we go wrong? What are we to do? No one has an answer, yes including the renowned WHO, which supposedly is our last line of defence. In Mexico people are now wearing masks. Yes, masks! Schools have been closed. Over 100 people infected. I shudder to think what will happen if the virus spreads to, say London, Lagos, Rio De Janeiro. Cities with multitudes of human habitations. Cities that can be brought to their knees, by a virus. In Mexico the government has asked people to keep reporting for work. Its a nightmare. One more week with industries shut, and Mexico will spin nicely into economic catastrophe.

So what is the link between the Avian virus, Swine Virus, September 11, London Underground bombings, Mumbai terror attacks etc. Fragility! That is the answer. The world is now more fragile than ever before. One small explosion, or virus in one small corner of the world can cause untold suffering in the whole wide world. The four corners of the earth are loosely strewn together by an old decaying cord called development. It can be broken by a swine. It can be broken by one Afghan man with a bazooka. Do you not find it funny that after all our investment in medicines, high tech medicine, nuclear power, war planes faster than sound and so forth, we are helpless against a mere swine. Where are we going wrong? How did we get here? What shall we do? Do you have the answer? Tell me.

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