Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trailblazing Barack Obama

And so he will come to Ghana this weekend. Accra will come to a standstill. Millions will flock to see him, hear him, speak. He will assure us, as usual, that America cares so much for us. He will tour the Cape Coast, acquaint himself with the evils of slavery. Maybe he will shed a tear.

And thats just about all. This is merely a sentimental visit. I dont see any value to it. How many American presidents have been to Ghana before? And what did they change, apart maybe from building one of the most sophisticated embassies in Accra? Or, as some small voices are saying, is he coming after the scent of oil? Is he?


  1. You put it as it really is.
    Simple. Straight forward.
    He is not coming for Ghana.
    He is not coming for business, trade or charity.
    He is coming as a tourist.

  2. Yet we spend the little that we have, painting the dust stained roads, and never giving a thought, to the poor street beggar, who long after Obama is gone back to his luxury, shall remain perched like an omen on our street corner.