Monday, July 20, 2009

Sour Grapes!

It is the second week
Since Obama left Accra,
Yet rumblings from Zimbabwe,
Nigeria, Kenya and "Others"
are still echoing in the hills.

Zimbabwe has done one better than the rest,
writting unprintable words in the government controlled herald...

Hush, Hush good people,
when you are democratic,
Obama will come to you too!


  1. thanks for this...but do you believe the only reason Obama came is because Ghana is democratic? But he went to Egypt, no?

    All the same this read good and thanks for making something out of this event. The worst teeth 'gnashers' are the Nigerians...always complaining...

  2. I do not think Obama came to Ghana because of democracy alone, I think he came to make a statement too! Forget about the oil hulabaloo, if the Americans want Ghanaian oil, they will have it by hook or crook, so that argument does not hold much water.

    But it is a fact that Ghana has made strides in attaining some semblance of democracy. It is also a fact that Ghana has been stable for about 15 years now, a period in which three governments have changed power. My brother, that is a mean feat in the Africa that I know. Youw wrote on your blog about successor children. Ghana has done some good things, and because our own african institutions will not recognoze that because they are undemocratic, I am happy for the US to pat Ghana on the back.

    Africa has a long way to go. You will have to forgive me for being so persimistic. Ghana is only but one of a very few good examples. We all ought to be proud!

  3. interesting read!

    but deep down,
    Obama himself must see the childishness, or foolishness, or deceit or whatever nonsense that underlines that claim that he visited Ghana because Ghana is democratic.

    That claim is an insult to all men and women, the unborn, the living and the dead. it's absurd to say the least.

    and for the sake of Obama's own contradiction, what did he go to do in undemocratic Saudi Arabia??? indeed, who says Egypt is democratic! let Obama open his mouth to dare say so!

    the quest for democracy must not in any way be cheapened by Obama's abroad visits wish-list.

    i'm neither against symbolism! i believe symbols are aids just as the Pope is aided by the rosary in meditating over the prayer Hail Mary but let no one be disillusioned into thinking the symbol is automatically the substantive matter!

    if i were a Ghanaian (i'm a free spirit, i owe allegiance to no man-made-country!), i would have felt very much insulted if Obama came telling me he visited Ghana because Ghana is democratic. as if a visit by him is any where near what should naturally be held in great esteem as a consequence of venturing to be democratic!

    let Obama visit Ghana, let Obama tell the world Ghana is a good democratic symbol, BUT LET NOT OBAMA TWIST LOGIC OR REAL AND FACTUAL CONCURRENCES AND THE IMPORTS THEREOF!

    indeed, let Obama not make nonsense of the quest for democracy!

  4. nor make nonsense of my thinking...for my thoughts are sacred

    none can twist and turn it...novisi...thanks...

  5. I still think, the bottom line is us as Africans. What are the values that we hold in the highest esteem. Democracy or no democracy. And what is the situation on the ground?

    Thanks Novisi and Nana Fredua

  6. I ask myself, should Obama's choice, and actual visit really mean that much (both to people in Ghana and those of the sour grapes persuasion)?

  7. that's why we didn't need that was much as I like him...

  8. @NYA,
    like NFA says, "that's why we didn't need that explanation..."

    @NFA, "porous" is a beautiful description. thanks for making me laugh over this rather serious issue.

    i like him too.

  9. "The worst teeth 'gnashers' are the Nigerians... always complaining..."?

    Really? Is that how far your obvious articulate reasoning takes you? Stereotype. And no I am not pointlessly arguing that elements of stereotypes do not carry some substantial truth. They might.

    But we do not feel angry, envious... that Ghana was chosen, but merely strongly wish [as typically expected] that it was us.

    Perhaps, I speak only for myself...

    Whilst I agree with 'Sour Grapes' - "When we are "truly" democratic..." - I disagree, Nana Fredua-Agyeman, that we have bitten our lips bloody speaking bitter words.