Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Jackson Live Memorial Coverage

For a strange man, he sure got the world`s attention. I was, however more fascinated by the smashing Janet Jackson. What could I have done, all stations were showing a strange funeral?


  1. o no!
    this was a man who was loved by so many many people despite his 'strangeness' for what he gave to the world.

    but for the presence of the dead body (just toss it into earth! ha!) and the little christian religious prayers and the cryings and tears; i would very much love to have the world talk about any nonsense i might live when i die like MJ's memorial.


  2. Well, your wish for us the living to say everything about you ibcluding the bad when you "go" may not get any takers. Glory and respect must be given to the departed.

    However, this strange man called MJ keeps getting stranger. Now we are told he has not been buried because his brains is missing from the body. Well, it has not been stole, but just removed for an autopsy. Hhhmmmmnnn this is getting cranky, and creepy.