Monday, June 29, 2009

So near, yet quiet far!

I want to talk about Bafana Bafana, the South African national football team. They played four games in the just ended Confederations Cup, won one, drew one and lost two. They faced Spain twice and lost twice to them. And they are very happy! Oh God, you lose twice to the same team and beat your chest?

What is wrong with us? Celebrating mediocrity! If we have improved, as the pundits want us to believe, why didnt we beat Spain, at least once? It wont matter how sexy the football you play is, we need to count a series of victories, period!

This got me thinking. We tend to want to console ourselves as Africans so much. When we achieve 45% of the target we celebrate, because at least it is not 20%. We never seek to get 75%. We are happy with being "nearly there, so near yet so far!" Why dont we grab the bull by the horns? Why are we happy with half jobs, half truths, half satisfaction, half completion, half of everything?

Food for thought!


  1. well... that is the life of Africans...we're taught to settle for mediocredity before we're event taught how to spell our names.. i concur with your sentiments..i shared these same sentiments in my post "Why not be the change you want to see". Check it out on