Monday, June 22, 2009

Butchering Bloggers Biggest Blunder!

I have never blogged about any issue outside beautiful mother Africa. I had a reason. I am an African first. I let other minds dissect their own political scenarios. But I was shocked over the week end at the news coming out of Iran. I am concerned about their allegedly stolen elections and all the protests and resultant arrests. But, having more such problems of our own in Africa, I was yet to lose sleep over Iran. But the government went on to perform one of the most despicable acts of stiffling democracy. They arrested about a dozen bloggers for writting out their minds on the fiasco.

Bloggers have become the most effective and efficient journalists of our time. Bloggers have no bias, they speak their minds. If ever any political leader has any wit, they would rather listen to what bloggers say rather than any commercial and best selling newspaper. Bloggers speak for the people. Bloggers represent the street level mentality. It is folly to stiffle them.

For the un-initiated, there is a test for democracy called "The Town Square Test". It is simple, if you cannot go to the middle of your own city and shout your views, then there is no democracy in that country. Despots and tyrants do not want to hear this. But it is going too far if you crack down on bloggers. Jeez! How low can these despots get.

Let us all support these fellow bloggers, and do whatever we can in our own small ways to ensure we preserve the bloggosphere that is the nerve centre of ideas and information. I want to get this message out clear and loud to all the tyrants and dictators. We will not stop until you do the right thing. If you arrest the Iranian bloggers and think you have shut them up, we will blog about Iran. The information will still disseminate to the people. Jeez!

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  1. Yes. This perhaps serves as an opportunity for the people of Iran to come to terms with the reality of their plight.
    I sincerely believe that neither the so-called supreme leader, Rahbare Enqelab Ayatollah Ali Khamenei nor Mahmoud Admadinejad will be able to control the fury unleashed as a result of their diabolism. As it happened with the Shah so the catastrophe will visit them one bright Friday in Tehran.