Thursday, June 25, 2009

Zenawi Zooms on light!

I finally got it. Good news. The Ethiopian strong leader Meles Zenawe has said he now wants to retire. This is after 19 years at the helm of Ethiopia. Under Meles Zenawi's leadership, Ethiopia has undergone dramatic change since 1991. A political system, based on ethnic federalism, has replaced the centralised rule that existed during the years of the feared Mengistu dictatorship.

Mr Zenawi has also said, he wishes to see a new breed of political leadership taking over, a breed that did not fight the so called wars of independence. This is very significant in African politics for a number of reasons. Congo`s Mobutu was a liberation hero, so was Kamuzu Hastings Banda of Malawi, and Zimbabwes Robert Mugabe. These men have one thread in common, they clung or still cling to power at all costs. And their reason is that, if they give up power, they cannot trust anyone else who was not part of the liberation struggle to take the reigns. What Mr. Zenawi`s move demostrates is that, leaders must realise that there is indeed so much more life after they go, whether voluntarily or by the push of democracy. Such leaders as Zenawi who quickly take the cue must be regarded highly.

There are some positive things in Africa, indeed! In case we lose focus, whoever that comes into power in Ethiopia must be a person who is not only clean of the liberation war mantra, but of corruption and all the other viles that bedeville our beloved continent.

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