Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Was that our very best?

Listening to BBC World Radio this morning, I heard someone say, the level of celebration we accorded Ghana's Black Stars was as if we had lifted the world cup. Should we have celebrated that much? Was that the best we could do? Some people are being fired for reaching the same levels that Ghana reached. Is there something wrong with us? Was Ghana's celebration merely premised on the fact that they outdid the rest of the continent? Shouldn't we have aspired for more? Shouldn't we have aspired to conquer the world rather than conquering ourselves?

These are just but my ramblings...


  1. the celebration was borne out of the fact that the Ghanaian populace gave them no chance of ever going out of the group stages. Ghanaians are a conservative people when it comes to expectations and they had always doubted their abilities. this is the reason why we are at this level of development. however, when challenged they can do best. they are like shea butter,they need heat to melt...

  2. I think this is one of the best opinions I have ever heard about any african people. Thank you, I think I am now wiser.