Saturday, July 17, 2010

Black Stars coming to Zimbabwe!

One of Zimbabwe's most flamboyant businessman Mr. Phillip Chiyangwa has announced that the Black Stars of Ghana will be coming to Zimbabwe in early August to play our national team, The Warriors. True to his style, Chiyangwa proclaimed that he is bankrolling everything from chatering an Air-Zimbabwe plane from Harare to pick up the boys in Accra and back to paying hotel bills and all other costs. In his own words, he would like to personally see Gyan in Zimbabwe dribbling past our national team players.

Mr. Chiyangwa is not short of controversies. He is known to own over a hundred cars and claims he is one of the richest guys on the continent. At one time, he invited journalists to his house and showed them a magnificent room filled to the bream with his stylish suits and designer shoes. He also claims that if he is driving a white car, he will wear a white suit, black car, black suit and so forth. Mr Chiyangwa is a property mogul in Zimbabwe. At present, Harare municipality is pleading with him to sell it back vast tracts of prime land which he has acquired over the years. His Company, Pinacle Investments has embarked on an ambitious project to build replica upmarket houses in Borrowdale (Harare's plushest surbub) known as Chisora Village.

It is also known that when Michael Jackson came to Zimbabwe around 2003, Mr. Chiyangwa personally drove him. He is also known to own a 2 Million Pound Rolce Royce which he does not hesitate to parade for anyone who cares. When the Brazillian organizers came to Zimbabwe last year as part of preparations for the friendly match that was later played this year between Brazil and Zimbabwe, Mr. Chiyangwa also personally drove them in his top of the range vehicle.

At one point, Mr. Chiyangwa sponsored the Premier League in Zimbabwe.

We remain steadfast as we watch what happens next. As they say, the only reason why some of us stick around these parts is to see what happens next!

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