Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Who could I be?

They say when I was born the wind was howling. They also say it was at night. They told me I was born in a very poor neighbourhood. They also insist that I immediately fell sick. My grandmother used to take pride in how much she had to spend sleepless nights, feeding me small bits of traditional herbs, mixed with short powerful prayers. Most do not believe that I made it.

I wonder if I was your regular guy in school. I did not kick the rough African home made soccer ball. I ate too little. I loved solitude. But I cherished girls. I was not on top of my class, but I could see that my peers respected me intellectually.

I have not measured my ego. I love the different societies that I live in. Above all I am a mere Global Citizen. I love what my eyes see, the good and the bad. Because I love what I see, I like to make it known. I am not sure if I am a good orator, some say I convince.

I am not certain whether you will be able to discern what sort of person I am. I am also trying to discover myself.

But I just know one thing, I have a BIG PEN.

Dont cross it!