Monday, February 16, 2009

The Amazing World.

Hugo Chavez gets the nod to rule for life. Robert Mugabe forms inclusive government. Obama gets nod on his rescue plan.

Lets do it again. Hugo Chavez rapes Venezuela to get the right to rule for life. Ask yourself, Do you need a lifetime to achieve education for all? Do you need a lifetime to upgrade a peoples standard of living? Only in Venezuela. Or is it in Hugos mind?

Do you feel like the world sometimes treats Robert Mugabe unfairly? Maybe we give the guy too much attention, too much scrutiny. I DONT! Here is a guy who pulls the wool over everyone and jumps to bed with his greatest enemy to make political love. Out of the political love they made, an inclusive government was conceived. SADC is the the condom that burst. The next morning Robert Mugabe predictably digs very deep into his dead archives and revives dead horses to become ministers.

What does SADC think it is doing? Take this quote..."Can you imagine if Mr Barack Obama the election winner was then told that the loser Mr John McCain will be President and a new office of the Prime Minister would be created for Mr Obama?" Pronto! I will leave you to imagine that, and you will know exactly what has just happened in Zimbabwe.

Speaking of Obama. It is my hope, really, that this new celebrity styled world president will live up to the promised standard. Lets face it, this guy needs double the effort, double the brains, lest American suddenly wake up from their slumber to discover that their loath for Bush forced them to commit a cardinal sin against themselves.

Its an amazing world, isn't it?

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  1. Perspicacious, especially that about Obama. I, too, will never understand how Morgan, the winner, came to be given the second-best job. A bit like Hillary was second in the race and was offering Obama the vice-presidential slot if she became the Democratic Party's candidate.