Sunday, September 13, 2009

Its time.

Im so happy, ladies and gents, to thank you for the hospitality that you gave me in Ghana. They say we meet to part, and part to meet. But I do not think we are really parting, because we will always meet on these blogs.

Yes, I will be leaving Ghana at the end of September. I shall miss Spintex Road, the giant Tetteh Quashie, my workplace in Ridge, Labadi on Sundays, Banku and Tilapia etc. But this is also an opportunity, for you guys to also come to my home country, so that I may reciprocate your hospitality.

You were all so great, and everyone in Ghana is hospitable. I am a much better person than when I came.

And, I have a promise to make, "I WILL BE BACK!"

Watch this space.


  1. Hei you were in Ghana! How did you find the place? Hope it met your expectations. Perhaps we may meet again when you come back.

  2. NFA, I am indeed still in Ghana. The people here are so warm, I love this place.

  3. NYA, get my promise, I am coming back, you will be the first to know!

  4. Chale, you going back to Zim?! What's going to happen to the Commonwealth Room, chale? Keep me posted on your news in any event. I miss you, D and D! Have a blessed week. Enjoy your remaining weeks in Ghana.