Monday, May 11, 2009

The World Must Stop Watching and Act!

It happened in Rwanda. It happened in Daffour. It happened in Zimbabwe, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, everywhere! It is happenening now in Sri lanka!

I was disgusted when the UN Secretary General last week said that the government of Sri Lanka must know that "the world is watching." Let me give you a background. The Sri Lanka government has declared war against the rebel Tamil Tigers. Tamil Tigers are a rag tag movement opposed to the government and have been in existence for over 20 years. It is good that the government must anhilate them, but how?

After having been driven off their strongholds last week, the rebels have been driven into a small part of the country. In order to repel the government offensive, they have marshalled between 50,000 and 100,000 civilians as human shields. The government insists it will not be detterred and will therefore attack the rebel held position. Tens of thousands of innocent civilians have already died. Yet Ban Ki Moon has the audacity to declare that the world is watching!

The world has watched one too many genocides. The UN must be accountable to us. The crime of genocide was not created to make people commit it, but rather for the world to take preventive measures. So the world will watch until tens of thousands are butchered before going in with little tents and small bottles of water and a few food hampers to the survivors. This system is not working. The UN must work as a preventive force rather than an after the fact body. The whole idea is to prevent the killings, rather than wait and want to charge some individuals after thousands are dead. We should take the UN to task.

In Iraq, when the coalition forces invaved, the UN was quick to withdraw its staff. The UN "runs away" from deadly situations. They watched in Rwanda, they watched in Daffour, they watched in Iraq, they watched in Zimbabwe, they watched in Somalia and they now want to watch in Sri Lanka. Cant they get tied of watching? This is death on defenceless civilians we are talking about. This is not an action packed movie! Its life! Its death!

Stop watching! Do something! NOW!

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